The Least you Should Know about Kratom’s Alkaloids

The fact that small amounts of a compound can fundamentally change the function of your mind, self and your experience of the world has always fascinated me. Although this is most pronunced with psychedelics such as LSD, kratom’s alkaloids also can create large differences. Kratom has two primary alkaloids which do most of the work […]

Kratom Extract Types, a Brief Reference Guide

Just slightly less popular than plain leaf kratom, are kratom extracts. Like many other extracts, kratom extracts are made with plain leaf kratom and through a process, the alkaloids are extracted for a much more potent product. There are a big array of different kratom extract varieties which all have slightly different extraction methods, effects […]

Using Kratom to Treat Addiction

One of the most effective and useful applications of kratom is addiction. Although most well-suited for opiate/opiod addiction, kratom can be highly effective for other forms of addiction as well, including stimulant abuse and alcoholism. Because kratom is a mild opiod, it can work very well as a maintenance drug for those who are opiate […]

Shedding Light on the Kratom Hangover Nonsense

Something that I was asked pretty recently was “does kratom cause a hangover?” and until I was asked that, I never really thought about it on those terms. In this article I’ll share some of my personal experiences, and because I can’t really speak for other people, they may differ from your own experiences. A […]

Kratom and Cannabis, A Breakfast for Philosophers

Although I have written about my first kratom experience, along with its introspective benefits, kratom and cannabis is also a very effective combination, and quite different from either one alone. Both cannabis and kratom have a very unique synergy, with the kratom giving balance and comfort to the cannabis experience, and cannabis giving color and […]

The Newbie’s Guide to Buying Kratom

It’s a given that anyone interested in kratom is going to want to try it out, and luckily there are hundreds, if not thousands, of kratom vendors. However, this large amount of potential vendors makes it difficult to choose between them. For this reason, I figured it would be good to compile a guide on […]

My First Kratom Experience

I figured that a good place to begin talking about kratom is with my own personal experiences, as it seems in modern western cultures the objective is thought to inherently outweigh the subjective, a belief which creates some of the many logical contradictions and schisms present in our culture. My first kratom experience was fairly […]

A GNT Style Introduction

Although I’ve briefly talked about what this website is about in our About post, I figured I would give you a brief prelude to the topics we are going to be talking about. Some of these topics are Psychoactives Kratom & Kava Psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, DMT) Nootropics Mind & Spirit Meditation Lucid Dreaming Ritual Culture […]