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Welcome to GeneralNegentropics, an unapologetic source for all things constructive and deconstructive. A negentropic is a “thing/act/noun/verb” which reverses entropy, and hence creates novelty (intelligent, patterned interconnectedness), there are many negentropics, but in the beginning, we will focus on primarily the mind, and then progress outward to society, and the world.
We hope you enjoy reading through our blog, and if you haven’t yet, in the beginning it will contain a large amount of information on psychoactive drugs which hold potential for edifying the human mind. Some of these psychoactives include: Kratom, Psychedelics, Nootropics, Kava, Cannabis, and much more. Most articles will tend to be released about a certain topic in groups in order to give you a thorough understanding of each before moving onto other topics.

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