Kratom Extract Types, a Brief Reference Guide

kratom extract pre leafJust slightly less popular than plain leaf kratom, are kratom extracts. Like many other extracts, kratom extracts are made with plain leaf kratom and through a process, the alkaloids are extracted for a much more potent product. There are a big array of different kratom extract varieties which all have slightly different extraction methods, effects and potencies.

The “X” Extract

This is one of the most commonly used varieties of extract, and doesn’t really have a proper name, but is typically done through either water or alcohol extraction. You’ll see this labeled as 15x kratom extract, or 30x kratom extract, typically indicating how much plain leaf was required to make an equivalent weight of extract, though vendors often inflate these numbers.

Resin Extract

Another very popular type of kratom extract is the resin extract. This extract is usually either of tar-like consistency or harder, often a brown or black color. This extract is typically done with alcohol or similar solvent which results in a full spectrum extract. While not extremely potent, it is one of the cheapest available and quite effective.

UEI Kratom

UEI is by far one of the best kratom extracts available in terms of potency. This extract is made with a highly potent extract which is combined with a portion of plain leaf, which helps make accurate dosage easier, and makes the extract more effective through balancing the alkaloid profile. Ensobotanicals put together a good article on UEI and some other of the best kratom extracts here.


Another very popular form of extract is a tincture. Tinctures have been used for ages in order to confer the medicinal benefits of a plant without having to resort to the plain leaf. Kratom tinctures vary in potency from extremely potent to mild, so it is a good idea to do research before buying one. Some tinctures claim to be contain just one alkaloid, however some vendors claims may be inaccurate, so it is a good idea to be wary unless from a reputable vendor.

There are a vast range of different kratom extracts, and all of them can be effective under the right circumstances. It is surprisingly easy to make a lot of them, such as kratom resin extracts, given you have a very basic knowledge of chemistry.

For those who are looking for a reliably potent extract, I would suggest an UEI extract or another enhanced leaf extract. However, it is a good idea not to use them regularly, as they can have disastrous effects on tolerance.

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