Using Kratom to Treat Addiction

One of the most effective and useful applications of kratom is addiction. Although most well-suited for opiate/opiod addiction, kratom can be highly effective for other forms of addiction as well, including stimulant abuse and alcoholism.

Because kratom is a mild opiod, it can work very well as a maintenance drug for those who are opiate addicted. As indicated in this Vice article, it is becoming much more popular OKeven within the United States.

Kratom’s mild opiod effects are not nearly as harmful as most street narcotics, and many have used it regularly throughout a lifetime without any ill effects. These mild opiod effects can help reduce cravings and provide relief without the worry of increased tolerance, as after a certain dosage, kratom becomes no more effective.

For those who are addicted, I highly suggest either kratom. However, for the daring, ibogaine has also shown to be very effective as well. The choice is yours.


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