Shedding Light on the Kratom Hangover Nonsense

Something that I was asked pretty recently was “does kratom cause a hangover?” and until I was asked that, I never really thought about it on those terms. In this article I’ll share some of my personal experiences, and because I can’t really speak for other people, they may differ from your own experiences.

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A Kratom Hangover

First of all, I want to state that a kratom hangover, if it exists at all, is very far from what you would think of an alcohol hangover, in fact, I’d refer to generally as kratom after-effects. I decided to see what other people thought of kratom hangovers before writing this, and I came across, which is a pretty good read if you are interested and goes into a few effects that others have experienced.

I have experienced what I would loosely refer to a kratom hangover a few times, and like in the referenced article, it only occurs when I have overdone kratom before sleeping. In the few times I have experienced this, I have encountered a few symptoms like mild nausea, sweating, tiredness, but I have never actually been nauseated enough to actually puke which is common with a kratom hangover.

While I’m not sure if this quite fits, if I combine alcohol with kratom, the combination of effects the next day can be kind of nasty.

An Overview

Overall I would say that terming the after-effects of kratom a kratom hangover is kind of a misnomer, however, you easily get the point. Although I haven’t experienced anything that is too closely related to a hangover from kratom, many others have stated that they have gotten similar effects, but from what I have gathered it is a rare occurrence, but I would definitely like to know what experiences you have had in order to get a better feel for the subject.

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