The Newbie’s Guide to Buying Kratom

where to buy kratom as a newbieIt’s a given that anyone interested in kratom is going to want to try it out, and luckily there are hundreds, if not thousands, of kratom vendors. However, this large amount of potential vendors makes it difficult to choose between them. For this reason, I figured it would be good to compile a guide on how to buy kratom, and how to know you’re choosing the right vendor.

Good Small-Scale Vendors

For first time buyers, it may be a good idea to start small and see if you have an affinity for kratom. Buying in smaller amounts also helps you get a good feel for different kratom strains, and this will help you make better bulk purchases if you choose to do so.

There are a few good small scale vendors. Typically, when I am looking to buy kratom in small scale, I choose Enso Botanicals, as they tend to have really high quality kratom all-around. You may be paying a bit more, but you are saving money in the long-run, as you don’t need to use as much.

There are a few other good vendors, which I won’t mention at the moment, as quality tends to fluctuate between them. I definitely suggest you check out different reviews and try different vendors out, and there’s not much to lose when buying in small amounts.

Buying Bulk Kratom

When decided to buy kratom, you’ll need to decide whether you would prefer to buy in bulk, or in smaller amounts. It should be noted that with larger amounts, you’ll get much more bang for your money. For example, buying a kilo could cost you up to 5x less per weight in comparison to buying an ounce.

Good Bulk Vendors

If you’re looking for a good bulk vendor, I would suggest going with a reputable company. However, many of these companies which sell bulk for cheaper are located overseas, typically in Indonesia. Because of this, it may take some time to arrive. One of these good vendors are kratom delight, and I would suggest their LTH or LTM. LTH being more stimulating, LTM being more sedating. Always start low as their products are fairly potent.

There are a few other good bulk vendors, but the quality of their products tends to fluctuate, unlike KD, whose product remains relatively stable.


When trying to buy kratom, always make sure you experiment occasionally with different vendors, as you never know what you’ll find. This will help you keep up on the kratom market and know where the good kratom is currently at.


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