My First Kratom Experience

I figured that a good place to begin talking about kratom is with my own personal experiences, as it seems in modern western cultures the objective is thought to inherently outweigh the subjective, a belief which creates some of the many logical contradictions and schisms present in our culture.

My first kratom experience was fairly similar to those that I have read in other places. I ordered kratom, whole leaf as opposed to powder. I ground it up in a coffee grinder, and made a tea out of it, straining the leaf material.

Within 5 minutes, I felt a subtle change, which in retrospect may have been either placebo or an absorption through the sublingual mucosa (more info here). Considering that chewed kratom leaf is common for these effects, and the fact that the effects correspond to my other experiences with kratom, I believe it was the latter.

At around 10 minutes into drinking this tea, my cup ¾ gone, I began to feel a warmth and an energy. Almost a palpable vibration of comfort, spreading from my lower legs up to the back of my head. Unlike opiates, I was not impaired, and I in fact seemed to have increased focus and drive.

I began to meditate, and had a quite profound experience. The physical peace that kratom promotes helps very much in stilling the mind, though I don’t suggest becoming dependent upon it for meditation. I opened my eyes, and walked to a local park, as opposed to driving which I normally would have done.

After about 45 minutes, the euphoria was fairly pronounced. A general feeling of the world being alright as it is. I sat on a bench by a pond, and thought of things that would normally be somewhat painful to consider, but I looked upon them with a balanced mind, and had many realizations which helped to integrate my thoughts and emotions further.

During this time, I began to experience an almost numbing effect/taste within my mouth, which I have had several times afterwards. My mind was at peace, and my introspection continued without halt, almost an MDMA-like self-acceptance, but without the pronounced stimulation and exaggerated empathy.

I highly suggest using kratom as a contemplative drug, as it allows you to plumb deeper within yourself with much more equanimity, essential for examining your life.



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