Kratom’s Motivational Effects from the Perspective of a Lazy Person

kratom for motivationSome days, I would wake up and know that it wasn’t going to be a very productive day. Typically when this happened, I had either neglected my diet, or was fighting off some virus or bacteria. However, thanks to kratom, I rarely have to worry about this .

Using kratom for motivation is truly an art, as there are many factors one needs to weigh in order to do it effectively. The most important thing to consider is the strain. If you choose a strain such as a Borneo, or a Bali, you might as well take the day off, as it isn’t going to help. However, a Thai strain or a Maeng Da strain can give you the kick that you need.

Additionally, consider dosage, as too high of a dose can create additional lethargy over time. I find a moderate dosage of 4 – 5 grams to be ideal for most situations. I would check out this dosage guide, as I have found it to be quite similar to my own experiences:

While I alternate between Thai and MD for motivation, I have found that both are very effective. However, I use Maeng Da most often as it has both pronounced pain-killing and energetic effects, which help promote a clear mind and energy for a very long time. Thai tends to have a shorter duration, but is effective for when you need a quick pick-me-up.

White vein strains can be effective as well, however, their energetic effective is smoother and less overpowering, making them great for when you feel just a touch off, or unfocused.


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