Kratom and Cannabis, A Breakfast for Philosophers

Although I have written about my first kratom experience, along with its introspective benefits, kratom and cannabis is also a very effective combination, and quite different from either one alone. Both cannabis and kratom have a very unique synergy, with the kratom giving balance and comfort to the cannabis experience, and cannabis giving color and abstraction to the thoughts.

If you’re considering mixing the two, it is essential to get the dosage correct for best effects. For introspection and self-examination, a moderate amount of marijuana and around 4.5 grams of good kratom. For creative activity, a higher amount of cannabis can be effective.

This combination lends itself very well to contemplation of both the self and the world. The cannabis allows you to break free of your typical sense of self, and view things in a completely new way.

As my daily work involves intense thought, any time I stumble upon a seemingly unsolvable problem, this combination is key. If you fully absorb yourself in a problem throughout the day, take a break from thought and try this combination, you can have some dramatic and creative insights, truly watching your subconscious mind tick. While not as holistic as low doses of LSD for creative thought, this combination is much more sustainable and doesn’t require large amounts of time off.

For anyone who hasn’t tried this combination, I highly suggest it. It is best to take these and remain alone, I prefer nature, as it tends to invoke more inspiration for me, though it may be different for you.

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