A GNT Style Introduction

Although I’ve briefly talked about what this website is about in our About post, I figured I would give you a brief prelude to the topics we are going to be talking about. Some of these topics are

  • Psychoactives
    • Kratom & Kava
    • Psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, DMT)
    • Nootropics
  • Mind & Spirit
    • Meditation
    • Lucid Dreaming
    • Ritual
  • Culture
    • Catalyzing Change
    • Holistic Institutions
  • Thought
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Epistemology
    • Self-Knowledge
    • Integral Thought / Non-Polar Thinking

It is these topics which I feel are the most necessary in order to create change within the self, and in turn, within the world. Cue the Mahatma Ghandi quote.

Starting, we will talk primarily about Kratom, and its potential applications, medicinal and otherwise. After this, we will move on to nootropics, and psychedelics, and then spirituality, meditation and mental tools.

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