The Least you Should Know about Kratom’s Alkaloids

Kratom Alkaloid – Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl

The fact that small amounts of a compound can fundamentally change the function of your mind, self and your experience of the world has always fascinated me. Although this is most pronunced with psychedelics such as LSD, kratom’s alkaloids also can create large differences.

Kratom has two primary alkaloids which do most of the work when it comes to effects, and differing amounts of these two alkaloids are mostly responsible for the differences in effect from different kratom strains.


7-OH-mitragynine is by far the most potent alkaloid found in kratom. Per dosage, it is a fairly powerful mu-opiod agonist. Despite the fact that it is only found in small amounts in kratom leaf, it still creates the biggest psychological impact. This alkaloid is responsible for most of kratom’s painkilling ability, as well as much of the euphoric effects of this plant.


Mitragynine is one of the most abundant alkaloids found within kratom. Mitragynine is both a stimulant, adrenergic receptor agonist, and a painkiller, opiod receptor agonist. This effect combination makes this drug quite unique in comparison to most other alkaloids we have discovered. High amounts of this compound can create great, yet smooth stimulating effects. Interestingly, one of the primary metabolites of mitragynine is mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, which may even rival 7-hydroxymitragynine in potency, causing some of the slow-onset effects some strains cause.

Although there are many other alkaloids, which we could go about for days, these are the two prime movers, and an understanding of these will help create a more broad understanding of this wonderful plant.

Kratom Extract Types, a Brief Reference Guide

kratom extract pre leafJust slightly less popular than plain leaf kratom, are kratom extracts. Like many other extracts, kratom extracts are made with plain leaf kratom and through a process, the alkaloids are extracted for a much more potent product. There are a big array of different kratom extract varieties which all have slightly different extraction methods, effects and potencies.

The “X” Extract

This is one of the most commonly used varieties of extract, and doesn’t really have a proper name, but is typically done through either water or alcohol extraction. You’ll see this labeled as 15x kratom extract, or 30x kratom extract, typically indicating how much plain leaf was required to make an equivalent weight of extract, though vendors often inflate these numbers.

Resin Extract

Another very popular type of kratom extract is the resin extract. This extract is usually either of tar-like consistency or harder, often a brown or black color. This extract is typically done with alcohol or similar solvent which results in a full spectrum extract. While not extremely potent, it is one of the cheapest available and quite effective.

UEI Kratom

UEI is by far one of the best kratom extracts available in terms of potency. This extract is made with a highly potent extract which is combined with a portion of plain leaf, which helps make accurate dosage easier, and makes the extract more effective through balancing the alkaloid profile. Ensobotanicals put together a good article on UEI and some other of the best kratom extracts here.


Another very popular form of extract is a tincture. Tinctures have been used for ages in order to confer the medicinal benefits of a plant without having to resort to the plain leaf. Kratom tinctures vary in potency from extremely potent to mild, so it is a good idea to do research before buying one. Some tinctures claim to be contain just one alkaloid, however some vendors claims may be inaccurate, so it is a good idea to be wary unless from a reputable vendor.

There are a vast range of different kratom extracts, and all of them can be effective under the right circumstances. It is surprisingly easy to make a lot of them, such as kratom resin extracts, given you have a very basic knowledge of chemistry.

For those who are looking for a reliably potent extract, I would suggest an UEI extract or another enhanced leaf extract. However, it is a good idea not to use them regularly, as they can have disastrous effects on tolerance.

Using Kratom to Treat Addiction

One of the most effective and useful applications of kratom is addiction. Although most well-suited for opiate/opiod addiction, kratom can be highly effective for other forms of addiction as well, including stimulant abuse and alcoholism.

Because kratom is a mild opiod, it can work very well as a maintenance drug for those who are opiate addicted. As indicated in this Vice article, it is becoming much more popular OKeven within the United States.

Kratom’s mild opiod effects are not nearly as harmful as most street narcotics, and many have used it regularly throughout a lifetime without any ill effects. These mild opiod effects can help reduce cravings and provide relief without the worry of increased tolerance, as after a certain dosage, kratom becomes no more effective.

For those who are addicted, I highly suggest either kratom. However, for the daring, ibogaine has also shown to be very effective as well. The choice is yours.


Kratom’s Motivational Effects from the Perspective of a Lazy Person

kratom for motivationSome days, I would wake up and know that it wasn’t going to be a very productive day. Typically when this happened, I had either neglected my diet, or was fighting off some virus or bacteria. However, thanks to kratom, I rarely have to worry about this .

Using kratom for motivation is truly an art, as there are many factors one needs to weigh in order to do it effectively. The most important thing to consider is the strain. If you choose a strain such as a Borneo, or a Bali, you might as well take the day off, as it isn’t going to help. However, a Thai strain or a Maeng Da strain can give you the kick that you need.

Additionally, consider dosage, as too high of a dose can create additional lethargy over time. I find a moderate dosage of 4 – 5 grams to be ideal for most situations. I would check out this dosage guide, as I have found it to be quite similar to my own experiences:

While I alternate between Thai and MD for motivation, I have found that both are very effective. However, I use Maeng Da most often as it has both pronounced pain-killing and energetic effects, which help promote a clear mind and energy for a very long time. Thai tends to have a shorter duration, but is effective for when you need a quick pick-me-up.

White vein strains can be effective as well, however, their energetic effective is smoother and less overpowering, making them great for when you feel just a touch off, or unfocused.


Shedding Light on the Kratom Hangover Nonsense

Something that I was asked pretty recently was “does kratom cause a hangover?” and until I was asked that, I never really thought about it on those terms. In this article I’ll share some of my personal experiences, and because I can’t really speak for other people, they may differ from your own experiences.

kratom hangover gif

A Kratom Hangover

First of all, I want to state that a kratom hangover, if it exists at all, is very far from what you would think of an alcohol hangover, in fact, I’d refer to generally as kratom after-effects. I decided to see what other people thought of kratom hangovers before writing this, and I came across, which is a pretty good read if you are interested and goes into a few effects that others have experienced.

I have experienced what I would loosely refer to a kratom hangover a few times, and like in the referenced article, it only occurs when I have overdone kratom before sleeping. In the few times I have experienced this, I have encountered a few symptoms like mild nausea, sweating, tiredness, but I have never actually been nauseated enough to actually puke which is common with a kratom hangover.

While I’m not sure if this quite fits, if I combine alcohol with kratom, the combination of effects the next day can be kind of nasty.

An Overview

Overall I would say that terming the after-effects of kratom a kratom hangover is kind of a misnomer, however, you easily get the point. Although I haven’t experienced anything that is too closely related to a hangover from kratom, many others have stated that they have gotten similar effects, but from what I have gathered it is a rare occurrence, but I would definitely like to know what experiences you have had in order to get a better feel for the subject.

Kratom and Cannabis, A Breakfast for Philosophers

Although I have written about my first kratom experience, along with its introspective benefits, kratom and cannabis is also a very effective combination, and quite different from either one alone. Both cannabis and kratom have a very unique synergy, with the kratom giving balance and comfort to the cannabis experience, and cannabis giving color and abstraction to the thoughts.

If you’re considering mixing the two, it is essential to get the dosage correct for best effects. For introspection and self-examination, a moderate amount of marijuana and around 4.5 grams of good kratom. For creative activity, a higher amount of cannabis can be effective.

This combination lends itself very well to contemplation of both the self and the world. The cannabis allows you to break free of your typical sense of self, and view things in a completely new way.

As my daily work involves intense thought, any time I stumble upon a seemingly unsolvable problem, this combination is key. If you fully absorb yourself in a problem throughout the day, take a break from thought and try this combination, you can have some dramatic and creative insights, truly watching your subconscious mind tick. While not as holistic as low doses of LSD for creative thought, this combination is much more sustainable and doesn’t require large amounts of time off.

For anyone who hasn’t tried this combination, I highly suggest it. It is best to take these and remain alone, I prefer nature, as it tends to invoke more inspiration for me, though it may be different for you.

The Newbie’s Guide to Buying Kratom

where to buy kratom as a newbieIt’s a given that anyone interested in kratom is going to want to try it out, and luckily there are hundreds, if not thousands, of kratom vendors. However, this large amount of potential vendors makes it difficult to choose between them. For this reason, I figured it would be good to compile a guide on how to buy kratom, and how to know you’re choosing the right vendor.

Good Small-Scale Vendors

For first time buyers, it may be a good idea to start small and see if you have an affinity for kratom. Buying in smaller amounts also helps you get a good feel for different kratom strains, and this will help you make better bulk purchases if you choose to do so.

There are a few good small scale vendors. Typically, when I am looking to buy kratom in small scale, I choose Enso Botanicals, as they tend to have really high quality kratom all-around. You may be paying a bit more, but you are saving money in the long-run, as you don’t need to use as much.

There are a few other good vendors, which I won’t mention at the moment, as quality tends to fluctuate between them. I definitely suggest you check out different reviews and try different vendors out, and there’s not much to lose when buying in small amounts.

Buying Bulk Kratom

When decided to buy kratom, you’ll need to decide whether you would prefer to buy in bulk, or in smaller amounts. It should be noted that with larger amounts, you’ll get much more bang for your money. For example, buying a kilo could cost you up to 5x less per weight in comparison to buying an ounce.

Good Bulk Vendors

If you’re looking for a good bulk vendor, I would suggest going with a reputable company. However, many of these companies which sell bulk for cheaper are located overseas, typically in Indonesia. Because of this, it may take some time to arrive. One of these good vendors are kratom delight, and I would suggest their LTH or LTM. LTH being more stimulating, LTM being more sedating. Always start low as their products are fairly potent.

There are a few other good bulk vendors, but the quality of their products tends to fluctuate, unlike KD, whose product remains relatively stable.


When trying to buy kratom, always make sure you experiment occasionally with different vendors, as you never know what you’ll find. This will help you keep up on the kratom market and know where the good kratom is currently at.


My First Kratom Experience

I figured that a good place to begin talking about kratom is with my own personal experiences, as it seems in modern western cultures the objective is thought to inherently outweigh the subjective, a belief which creates some of the many logical contradictions and schisms present in our culture.

My first kratom experience was fairly similar to those that I have read in other places. I ordered kratom, whole leaf as opposed to powder. I ground it up in a coffee grinder, and made a tea out of it, straining the leaf material.

Within 5 minutes, I felt a subtle change, which in retrospect may have been either placebo or an absorption through the sublingual mucosa (more info here). Considering that chewed kratom leaf is common for these effects, and the fact that the effects correspond to my other experiences with kratom, I believe it was the latter.

At around 10 minutes into drinking this tea, my cup ¾ gone, I began to feel a warmth and an energy. Almost a palpable vibration of comfort, spreading from my lower legs up to the back of my head. Unlike opiates, I was not impaired, and I in fact seemed to have increased focus and drive.

I began to meditate, and had a quite profound experience. The physical peace that kratom promotes helps very much in stilling the mind, though I don’t suggest becoming dependent upon it for meditation. I opened my eyes, and walked to a local park, as opposed to driving which I normally would have done.

After about 45 minutes, the euphoria was fairly pronounced. A general feeling of the world being alright as it is. I sat on a bench by a pond, and thought of things that would normally be somewhat painful to consider, but I looked upon them with a balanced mind, and had many realizations which helped to integrate my thoughts and emotions further.

During this time, I began to experience an almost numbing effect/taste within my mouth, which I have had several times afterwards. My mind was at peace, and my introspection continued without halt, almost an MDMA-like self-acceptance, but without the pronounced stimulation and exaggerated empathy.

I highly suggest using kratom as a contemplative drug, as it allows you to plumb deeper within yourself with much more equanimity, essential for examining your life.



A GNT Style Introduction

Although I’ve briefly talked about what this website is about in our About post, I figured I would give you a brief prelude to the topics we are going to be talking about. Some of these topics are

  • Psychoactives
    • Kratom & Kava
    • Psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, DMT)
    • Nootropics
  • Mind & Spirit
    • Meditation
    • Lucid Dreaming
    • Ritual
  • Culture
    • Catalyzing Change
    • Holistic Institutions
  • Thought
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Epistemology
    • Self-Knowledge
    • Integral Thought / Non-Polar Thinking

It is these topics which I feel are the most necessary in order to create change within the self, and in turn, within the world. Cue the Mahatma Ghandi quote.

Starting, we will talk primarily about Kratom, and its potential applications, medicinal and otherwise. After this, we will move on to nootropics, and psychedelics, and then spirituality, meditation and mental tools.